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GPSforUs is a friendly tool that you may feel safe at all times, protecting their loved ones, their family and their property assets in general.

Just need to register, add the devices you want to track and ready...
You will be monitored in real time the activity of such devices!

GPSforUs fits your needs and budget. It can be used from a single smartphone to a professional tracking equipment, it's just that you make a decision.
It requires no great knowledge of technology, you can do it yourself without professional help.

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  • With GPSforUs you can track to your beloved ones.
  • Afraid of kidnapping? Protect yourself and your family. Safety is priceless!


  • If you have a business with delivery service, you can track easily to your vehicle drivers.
  • Find your phone/car, if you get lost or stolen.
  • Track packages or merchandise never been easier.


  • This service is functional even when you do not have data plan.
  • Works with Android devices, FirefoxOS and more...


Yes... you can track your devices anywhere with the device of your choice


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